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The Power to Engage
  "Digital billboards and digital signage networks in retail are driving the rapid expansion of outdoor/out-of-home advertising, rivaling the Internet as the fastest-growing advertising medium." (E-Commerce Times, 07/23/08)

What makes digital signage so popular today? The power to engage! Imagine the power to custom-fit your messages according to what your customers want to know about your products and services right on the sales floor, anytime anywhere -- that's precision-messaging!

If you understand your customer well, ieHIP Digital Signage helps you communicate and influence your elusive customers better.

ieHIP® Digital Signage is your total and leading edge digital signage software for your: Digital Signage network, Narrowcast signage, Electronic Signs, Elctronic Billboards, Captive Audience Networks, Electronic or Digital Posters, LED signages, LCD signs, retail TV, on-premise digital boards, out-of-home advertising, network signages, Web-based digital signage, IPTV, PC-driven signage, Embedded Digital signage, Digital Media Network, Touchscreen Signages, Interactive Displays and for Dynamic Digital Signage Platforms.

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