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Technology Overview
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    ieHIP® Media Connect

    Home/In-room Entertainment.. ieHIP® Media Connect brings you to a whole new experience of enjoying media. With its unique TUI configured for ten-feet-away viewing, users can enjoy PC entertainment from the comfort of their couch or their beds. With ieHIP's patented Code-based Navigation System, ieHIP® Media Connect does it like TV.

    The Code-based Navigation System brings out the TV feel in PC entertainment using number-based commands and special keys using a compatible PC’s remote. Now, enjoying media is but just a number away. Because ieHIP® Media Connect can also be made as a server, you can share your media across a networked home.

    Applications: Home Entertainment Center and Media Server

    Industries: Home Consumer, Hotel/Hospitality, Education, Transport, Consumer OEM, and STB.

    Learn more about ieHIP® Media Connect.