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Technology Overview
ieHIP® Solutions
    ieHIP® Digital Signage
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  • ieHIP® Digital Signage Server
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  • Rich Media Portal
  • Intelligent Media System     Middleware

    ieHIP® Technology Overview

    Products using ieHIP® Technology is built on ieHIP's wealth of experience in PC-TV-Internet technologies combined with its solid expertise in content management architecture and media playback engineering to offer robust and streamlined solutions for desktop and/or web applications. Products built around ieHIP's ieHIP® Technology consist of proprietary modules or ieHIP® “Core Engines” being the building blocks to provide users the rich media experience along with the flexibility, organization and usability that they need whenever and wherever they want it.

    • Client-Server Architecture.
    • Unique to ieHIP® technology is its "client and server" design enabling users to search or share each other’s content over a network.

    • Content Management
    • An SQL/XML-based module allowing a user-defined "look and feel" interface, digital content organization and seamless sharing of media contents anytime anywhere and on any device.

    • Television User Interface (TUI)
    • The Television User Interface (TUI) has built-in patented technology (Code-based Navigation System) designed to emulate TV navigation using recursive number-based commands to access media or a functionality enabling the PC experience with a twist of TV.

    • Uniplayer
    • ieHIP's Uniplayer is a powerful playback engine that spans a variety of media extensions – from typical animation to high definition videos (See files supported ).

    • Tiered Search Engine
    • Unlike other search utilities, the ieHIP® search engine module is a three-tiered search engine covering searches from desktop level to web as well as "meshed searches" within the ieHIP® community of users on the same interface.

    • DTV and TV Support
    • ieHIP's solutions are best distinguished for its robust support for analog TV and DTV standards providing "more TV" like no other. DTV capability spans DVBT, DVBS, ATSC standards and IPTV.
      Meshed Community

    ieHIP® Technology is built on the vision of a “meshed community.” This meshed community connects virtually every ieHIP® user to share their self-created media such as videos, photos, animations and presentations. Various industries using ieHIP® solution can also form part of this mesh to pump more relevant and rich-media advertising and directly offer their products services.