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    ieHIP® Media Connect

    Simplify your digital experience anytime anywhere and on any device. ieHIP Media Connect is a complete and highly integrated client-server media solution for consumers, consumer devices and content providers. Built with a powerful content management architecture ieHIP Media Connect organizes your digital content the way you want them.

    Now you can create your own TV Portal and share the fun to your friends wherever they are. Your platform can broadcast your photos, videos and music complete with both desktop and Internet search engine so you can be your own Yahoo! or Google at home!

    It’s also easy to use. ieHIP® Media Connect emulates TV’s navigation through our very own patented Code-based Navigation System technology. So you can surf the Internet, watch videos or listen to music in just a press of a number or in as easy as 1-2-3! Plus, the platform supports most popular media extensions giving you the convenience to enjoy media without switching players.


    • Home Digital Entertainment Center
    • Get unmatched entertainment performance that you have ever wanted in a PC. ieHIP® Media Connect is your TV, CD/VCD/DVD player, IPRadio, game and photo library, karaoke. Plus enjoy auto-play convenience for any of your favorite plug-and-play devices.

    • 10-Feet-Away Navigation
    • Navigate through movies, TV shows, music, photos, and the Internet while sitting on your couch ten feet away.

    • Select Media Onboard
    • Browse through a huge list of readily available infotainment contents and select those that best suit you. Plus, easily connect to pay-per-access infotainment anytime.

    • Drag and Drop Interface
    • Drag and drop contents, layouts and settings configuration) easily within the Tree Menu.

    • Desktop & Internet Search
    • Search for infotainment contents either on your local machine or on the Web from within interface.

    • Digital Lifestyle Organizer
    • Live that digital cool lifestyle along with your favorite mobile entertainment widgets such as MP3 players, mobile phones, pocket PCs, and more.

    • Customizable Looks
    • Change colors and looks easily to suit every kind of mood you want. Or, create and organize your own unique interface.

    • Multi-language Support
    • Enjoy ieHIP® Media Connect in various languages like French, Spanish, Japanese, German, Chinese, and Korean.

    • Electronic Program Guides
    • Receive free real-time program updates and track reception strengths in your area through electronic program guides such as those provided by TitanTV.com.

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