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    ieHIP® Digital Signage

    Unlike embedded players or server-dependent digital signages, this client or standalone suite is a full-function, user-controlled digital signage application that can run campaigns virtually on its own. ieHIP® Digital Signage features utilities for scheduled messaging and user-customizable screen layouts as well as TV, Internet and Interactive Kiosk capabilities. It is also network-ready and can be, at anytime, hooked up to an existing ieHIP®-driven digital signage network.


    • Create Layouts
    • Customize screen layout or reuse existing templates create as many tiers as you like to show different messages or promotions altogether.

    • Play Popular Formats
    • Playback most popular media extensions giving you the desired promotional impact you want to achieve.

    • Get Interactive
    • Deliver interactive services to clients like maps, menu, prices, schedules and more.

    • Drag and Drop Interface
    • Drag and drop contents, layouts and settings configuration) easily within the Tree Menu.

    • Connect to Network
    • Hook-up to an already-existing ieHIP® digital signage network minus the cost or run your digital signage independently.

    • Create Resolution-Independent Renditions
    • Automatically fit any media into any display of different resolutions -- from graphic and standard video elements to Hi-Definition.

    • Preview Changes on the Background
    • ieHIP® Digital Signage layout tools lets you make changes to any of your digital signages (in the network) without interrupting currently-playing media.

    • Update Now
    • Change contents instantly right on the sales floor. ieHIP® ’s “Live Update” feature is perfect for on-the-spot announcements such as limited-time offers, welcome messages and public service alerts.

    • Schedule Playtime
    • Set your digital signage to play campaign messages at an appointed date and time.

    • Integrate Live Data
    • Connect to live feeds such as RSS, weather, forex or stock quotes and more.

    • Show TV
    • Combine ads with analog or DTV to engage a waiting customer or to capture viewer attention. Supports analog and digital TV ATSC, DVBT, DVBS and IPTV. (Compatible tuner is required to display analog or DTV)

    • Organize Contents
    • Manage contents easily using a familiar drag and drop or PC interface.

    • Switch to TV Interface
    • Manage your digital like you do on TV. A5TEK’s patented Code-based Navigation System allows you to navigate your digital signage using mostly number-based commands on the TV Users Interface (TUI). ieHIP® Digital Signage TUI is ideal for controlling standalone wall-mounted digital signages.

    • Change Language
    • Customize to other languages. ieHIP® Digital Signage supports multiple languages: English, Traditional or Simplified Chinese, Korean and Japanese, French, Deutsch, Spanish and more.