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    ieHIP® Digital Signage Server

    ieHIP® Digital Signage Server is the latest innovation in rich media and precision-messaging for networked digital signages in retail, hospitality and corporate marketing communication environments. With superior narrowcasting and playback features, marketers can specifically target or profile their messages by audience, location or time providing the best impact and strategy to any promotional campaigns.


    • Create Layouts
    • Customize screen layout or reuse existing templates create as many tiers as you like to show different messages or promotions altogether.

    • Show Live Events
    • Connect a video camera to display live or an ongoing activity. Works best during conferences, parties, sporting events, exhibitions and other live events.

    • Drag and Drop Interface
    • Drag and drop contents, layouts and settings (configuration) easily within the Tree Menu.

    • Play Popular Formats
    • Choose the best format to display your digital signage advertising or message. ieHIP® Digital Signage’s robust Uniplayer engine can playback most popular media extensions giving you the desired impact you want to achieve.

    • Show TV
    • Combine ads with analog or DTV to engage a waiting customer or to capture viewer attention. Supports analog and digital TV ATSC, DVBT, DVBS and IPTV. (Compatible tuner is required to display analog or DTV)

    • Create Resolution-Independent Renditions
    • Automatically fit any media into any display of different resolutions -- from graphic and standard video elements to Hi-Definition.

    • Preview Changes on the Background
    • ieHIP® Digital Signage layout tools lets you make changes to any of your digital signages (in the network) without interrupting currently-playing media.

    • Scale up Deployments
    • Increase visual presence by adding more digital signages in the network. ieHIP® Digital Signage Server can support unlimited number of digital signages*

    • Manage Remotely
    • Control any or all digital signages from one location or manage them all by a web browser for anytime anywhere control.

    • Schedule Playtime
    • Set your digital signage to play campaign messages at an appointed date and time.

    • Update Now
    • Change contents instantly right on the sales floor. ieHIP®’s “Live Update” feature is perfect for on-the-spot announcements such as limited-time offers, welcome messages and public service alerts.

    • Integrate Live Data
    • Connect to live feeds such as RSS, weather, forex or stock quotes and more.

    • Organize Contents
    • Manage contents easily with ieHIP Digital Signage’s built-in powerful content management system to let you organize your contents using a familiar drag and drop or PC interface.

    • Generate Proof-of-Play Reports
    • View or print reports on what has been played. This easy utility is best for accounting or invoicing ad placements.

    * Prices vary according to number of clients supported.