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    Benefits of Using a Digital Signage

    Why Digital Signage?

    Impact to Customers

    • Receives 10 times the eye contact of static signage.
    • Reduces customers’ perceived wait times by 15% or more Impact to Business.
    • Increases revenue by more than 30% for profiled products.
    • Boosts sales of new products advertised on in-store digital signage by 30% to 300%.
    • Saves advertising dollars (CPM of only $2 to $6)
    Source: Strategy Institute 2005

    Impact to Environment

    Responsible advertising is not about being only truthful. It is also being responsive to the global call for “greener” ways to do advertising. ieHIP® Digital Signage helps companies meet their social responsibility towards the environment by using yet better and more effective advertising alternatives that help reduce our environmental footprint to our ecosystem. By using digital signage, you help:

    • Reduce the use of paper and non-biodegradable materials to launch a publicity or a promotional campaign;
    • Reduce the use of fossil fuel or energy in the production, transport and change of static physical signs and;
    • Reduce airwave pollution brought about by the use of radio frequency to broadcast advertising like terrestrial radio and television.

    Further to this goal, A5TEK ONLY recommends hardware solutions that conform to the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment or RoHS or those that have been manufactured under strict environmental best practices.

    Why Digital Signage Advertising?

    • “Digital signage has emerged as a compelling substitute to the conventional signage industry. Although in its nascent stage, the worldwide digital signage market is riding on the path of growth, offering a dynamic messaging medium with an enhanced message impact.” (Rocsearch, Digital Signage: Global Perspective, Feb 2006)
    • “69% of its advertiser respondents believe the effectiveness of TV advertising is declining, and 60% are very actively looking for alternatives” (Forrester Network, July 2006)
    • “Recent technology breakthroughs and the dramatic drop in hardware and bandwidth costs have now made digital signage an affordable and potently effective way to drive product lift, enhance corporate branding and improve overall customer experience.” (Digital Signage Summit, 2005)

    Target locations:

    • Points of purchase
    • Hospitality
    • Airport
    • Gaming Casinos /Entertainment
    • Hospital/Clinics
    • Schools
    • Government and Corporate Offices