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    ieHIPĀ® Digital Signage Application

    • Hotel

    • ieHIP Digital Signage offers myriad possibilites to hotel and resort establishments not only to complement overall in-house promotions but to enhance value perception of the services the hospitality establishment provides.

      Leverage the usage flexibility of ieHIP Digital Signage as interactive directional sign, advisories, in-property events, activities and welcome messages dramatically increase the overall friendly and assisting atmosphere your hotel or resort deserves.

    • Airport

    • Unlike typical retail signages, an airport can have different or separate digital signage applications for flight information. Displays in waiting lounges as well as at receiving counters typically use different software hence, the cost of putting up a digital signage in the airport can undoubtedly be daunting. ieHIP Digital Signage can drastically reduce your cost associated with the use of different applications by using the same software to do it all. Whether for flight information or for pre-departure entertainment, ieHIP Digital Signage does them all.

    • Health

    • ieHIP Digital Signage is perfect for health and wellness centers such as clinics and gyms as well as in hospitals. Aside provding entertainment to waiting patients, hospitals or clinics may broadcast campaigns to promote their services or show third-party advertising.

    • Burger

    • With the popularity of digital signage in fast food chains, ieHIP Digital Signage brings flexibility and power to your menu boards to enable you to change prices or run a limited time-offer; display news along with your promotional campaigns or plug latest community events and other in-store promotions.

    • Restaurant

    • People are eating out now more than ever before, and smart restaurateurs are using digital technology to engage their customers on a deeper level. ieHIP Digital Signage gives you every possibility imaginable to display your latest menu to attract and delight any sophisticated customer or combine menu with TV or light entertainment to suit the ambiance your restaurant needs.